The Upside of Instagram for Your Trade Publication

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The Upside of Instagram for Your Trade Publication

You’ve hit most platforms of social media with your trade publication and now you’re wondering how much Instagram will help. Isn’t it for teenagers showing off their selfies or friends at a football game?

Instagram has actually become one of the biggest forms of social media used by business and trade publications can find lots of benefits here as well.

As the following article shows, “How to harness the power of Instagram for your trade publication” may be the question, but the answer is pretty easy:

InstagramShare your Content

If nothing else, use Instagram to share your content.

You can post when a new publication is coming out, a call for content, and a save the date for when the next issue goes live or is published.

You can send out individual posts about articles, new writers, and any other content in your publication. It’s an excellent way to gain great exposure.

Contests and Offers

Use Instagram to run contests or other offers on your publication. People can enter simply through following you on Instagram. Offer anything from a t-shirt to a shout out to a free subscription.

The more your likers like you, the more others will, too, and it doesn’t hurt to provide some incentive on getting them to like you and your posts.

Team up with Other Similar Trades

You can boost each other by sharing posts and posting their achievements along with yours.

Don’t think of it as a competition, think of it as you’re all after the same goals and you can help each other along. Instagram is a great forum for shouting out to your friends and getting their name out there, too. And as long as you’re doing it, they’ll do it for you, too.

Include other links

Your Instagram page is excellent for including your other links.

It’s all in one place and you can include your website, Facebook page, twitter and any other social media you have.

Your advertisers and sponsors will appreciate your mentions as well.

You Can Brag

What else is Instagram if it’s not a place to brag?

Whatever it is that you’d like people to know about your trade publication, it’s a simple way to brag on yourself and share that achievement.

Take a quick snap shot of whatever you’d like to share, whether it’s a blurb from the publication, a shot from an event, a contributor’s bio, anything will work to get your brag on, and people like visuals. It’s totally acceptable on Instagram!

It’s Free!

If nothing else, Instagram is free.

You can use it as much or as little as you’d like. You can go for it with sponsors and followers and hosts; you can connect with Follow Fridays (where you suggest someone to your followers), or you can simply get to it when you can.

It will give back what you put it in, but again, it’s free so you have nothing to lose.

Instagram is a major social media player, so don’t leave it off your team. It has too much to offer!


About the Author: Heather Legg is an independent writer who covers topics related to social media, small business and health issues.

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