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Super Bowl Highlights: Our Favorite Commercials and Game Moments

New England Patriots Win Lombardi Trophy Super Bowl Sunday was a great day to be a Patriots fan, though it was certainly nerve-wracking. As a Boston company that is comprised of almost all Pats fans (no Seattle Seahawks fans), we have an extra level of excitement. There were many Super Bowl game highlights, and outside of the game, a few commercials caught our attention along the way. In no particular order, check out our favorite moments from the game and commercials below, then tell us what your favorite commercial and in-game moment was in the comments. Congratulations New England Patriots! 

Super Bowl XLIX Game Highlights

Nicole Simonian: My favorite moment of the game was obviously the interception by Malcolm Butler. It was such a roller coaster ride of emotions. One minute Pats fans thought that they had lost and a second later with one play they had won. My neighborhood started lighting off fireworks — I think all of Massachusetts was in a similar state of shock and happiness.

Kim Ciampa: My favorite moment was the first touchdown, because my boyfriend randomly made a bet that Lafell would catch the first touchdown of the game so needless to say, we were both pretty excited when it happened.

Ginny Ciampa: Watching Richard Sherman, Marshawn Lynch, and Pete Carroll’s faces and reactions after Butler’s interception.  Absolutely priceless!

John Foley, Jr., and Karen DeWolfe: Favorite moment for both of us was every single second of that game! 

Dan SwainIf the Seahawks don’t pick Wilson off, that catch would have gone down in history. Would have been more famous than Tyree’s catch. Instead nobody will remember it in five years!

Mike Ciampa: When Seattle decided to try a pass play on the 1 yard line when clearly Marshawn Lynch would have ran right through us and scored easily.

Donna Vieira: Malcolm Butler. Enough said. 

Kevin Angelli: Favorite moment would have to be when Butler intercepted the ball at the 1 yard line.  Quote of the night was “Suck my butler” What a game!!!

Favorite Commercials

Michelle McAuliffe, Nicole Simonian, and Kim Ciampa: Budweiser #BestBuds

Nicole: As an animal lover – I look forward to their Clydesdale / puppy commercial every year. They have developed such strong brand recognition around these two animals. When I see a Clydesdale / lab puppy out in public, I immediately think of Budweiser. I feel like everyone waits in anticipation each year for Bud’s commercial, even sharing it across social before the Super Bowl.

Kim: I’m a typical girl, so this commercial left me teary-eyed 🙂

Kevin Schlear: Coca-Cola #MakeItHappy

Nicole Simonian and Donna Vieira: Chevy Colorado

Nicole: Most attention grabbing commercial goes to Chevy Colorado. I literally had a heart attack thinking our TV had gone out — the room went silent as we all stared at the screen. I was having flashbacks to Super Bowl XLVII when they had that power outage in the New Orleans Superdome. I have to hand it to Chevy — they certainly had my attention.

Donna: No question about it, this is the commercial I will remember from the Super Bowl. The anxiety and confusion turned into instant smiles as soon as everyone figured out what was going on. They didn’t leak it ahead of time, and it was very well done! The tweets that followed were unreal…they made a big splash.

Samantha Lake: #LikeAGirl.

I have always hated when people would say that phrase “like a girl” because of the negative stigma it carries. I know numerous females who do extraordinary things and to be compared to them would be an honor. I also have the pleasure of watching my three nieces (9,6, and 3) do amazing things everyday that far surpass what their male peers are doing. So it was nice to see someone believe in the power of females and invest in a message, in a high profile and expensive time slot, that hopefully will make people think before they speak.

Dan Swain: BMW i3

I thought this commercial was funny, attention grabbing (with the retro 90’s tv camera look) and has an effective message.

John Foley, Jr. and Mike Ciampa: Doritos Middle Seat

John: As someone who travels a lot on airplanes, this was pretty funny!

Mike: I actually thought the commercials were really disappointing this year for the most part. This one was my favorite by a mile.

Karen DeWolfe: Fiat #500X 

This Fiat commercial with the little blue pill was the funniest, but gone are the days of the Budweiser frogs and the commercials you talked about for days after. 

Kevin Angelli: Ted 2

The promo for Ted 2, with Tom Brady’s cameo appearance was awesome

Ginny Ciampa: #DodgeWisdom. 

Because getting older isn’t so bad!

 So, which was your favorite? Let us know in the comments:

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