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John Foley, Jr. understands the transformation process going on in the printing industry today. More importantly he understands and communicates the urgency that must be deployed in order to survive. Customer orientation and solution based selling is key to future success. John delivers a fast-paced, content filled presentation with passion.
Dirk Nelson, Alliance Franchise Brands
John is a very dynamic speaker. I always enjoy his sessions. He provided real tips to start with better SEO, and was the best speaker so far at the conference. He is super knowledgeable, dynamic, engaging, and entertaining!
Event Attendee, 2014 Epicomm Winter Conference
John, I thought your presentation was spot on! There must be a strategic plan for marketing and we, at Mossberg & Company, are headed in that direction.
William Coughlin, Mossberg and Company
I certainly enjoyed John’s presentation and his comments on mobile media. In the rapidly evolving world of multichannel integrated marketing, it takes “a village” to make sure one puts out an effective campaign. John’s knowledge and willingness to share is to be commended.
Wes Powell, TMR Direct
My overall impression of Donna was that she was outstanding. She is very knowledgeable and I can’t wait to connect with her on Twitter!
Event Attendee, 2014 Epicomm Winter Conference
Great presentation chocked full of information on social media marketing. You definitely have the buzz. Looking forward to learning more and implementing the strategies.
Veronica Strand, Resco Print Graphics
John starts discussions that make you think and question what your are doing. He provided multiple action items for me and my company and gave us real strategy steps to get started.
Event Attendee, 2014 Epicomm Winter Conference
Your presentation made us realize, even more than ever, that we need to embrace the social media explosion or leave behind many burgeoning business opportunities.
John Stifter, Impact Proven Solutions
Donna was engaging and kept my interest. I can apply what I learned immediately!
Event Attendee, 2014 Epicomm Winter Conference

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