Snaps, Stories, and the 24-Hour Countdown: How PR Can Capitalize on Snapchat

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Snaps, Stories, and the 24-Hour Countdown: How PR Can Capitalize on Snapchat

Marketing pros and public relations gurus, ask yourself this: What is the value of having a target audience watch your well-designed ad campaign? Keep in mind that the audience has chosen to watch your ad, and is well educated on its almost instantaneous self-destruction. The audience (read: buyers) knows that the ad will disappear in ten seconds. They choose to watch it. They choose when they will watch it. They know that once your ad has been viewed, it will disappear from their screen. Can you see that the value of this gem of a mobile app is priceless?

Snapchat: The Mobile App That Allows Users to Instantly Share Photos and Videos

SnapchatThe image can only be seen for ten seconds. This is a marketer’s dream (or nightmare, no in-between). How can this be a gold mine for marketers? For users to view a brand’s snaps, the user must expose their personal photos to the brand. By essentially “friending” the brand, users opened their personal pictures to the brand — which had been a turnoff. Marketers and publicists for brands found it challenging to encourage fans and customers to befriend them on Snapchat. Without a following, marketers were creating ads that would be seen by no one.

Enter Stories: Snapchat’s Solution for Brand Marketing

Snapchat stories allow users to follow the brand, without the brand automatically being able to follow the user. Stories are ten-second collections of pictures, or “snaps,” that give marketers an opportunity to showcase their multimedia ads to mobile users. The drawback? Time is of the essence. Much like a news cycle, “stories” are only available to be viewed for twenty-four hours. The bonus? Fans and customers are aware of the brief lifespan of the stories. Snapchat built in urgency for marketers, courtesy of the limited duration stories are available for viewing. Well-trained customers know that they must act now. If they blink, then they will miss out.

Every Day is Super Bowl Sunday!

Millennials, thirty-somethings, and the active adult community want to be in the crowd who saw it first. They want to know about the next product launch, viral post, and breaking news before their friends and followers. Snapchat delivers an attentive audience to brands. The stories audience is intentionally following your brand to view the ad campaign/product launch before anyone else. The only comparable audience who’s watching for the commercials is during the Super Bowl. Snapchat delivers for that audience daily.

How to Get the Maximum Mileage from Your Snapchat Campaign

  • Teasers: Use the platform to entice followers to view upcoming content on other social channels.
  • Cross-market: Across social media channels, promote each platform for its specialty. Use Facebook for conversation and hint at more images posted on Instagram. Tweet about a new launch being unveiled on Snapchat. Let your brief campaign on Snapchat redirect traffic back to the brand’s website, blog, or YouTube channel. Loyal fans will follow the brand’s lead.
  • Issue a call to action: Snapchat stories can be used to involve fans and customers with the brand. Let the story highlight the Instagram posts of users promoting your client. Another option is to create a story announcing a fan contest.
  • Measure success. Let hashtags work twice as hard. One hashtag can be used to market the client, involve the customer, and measure the reach of the campaign. Be creative with hashtags, but also clever. When in doubt, #keepitsimplestupid.

Now that you have #awareness of the benefits of Snapchat, are you ready to snap?

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