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Is Your SEO Ready for Primetime?

To enable customers and search engines to find you, it’s important to make sure your SEO is ready for primetime.

You want search engines to find you so that your website can come up in search results in browser windows. You want customers to find you so you can make sales and stay in business.

Here are some ways to ensure your SEO is primed and ready….

SEOMeta Tags

Search engines like Google and Yahoo scour source code looking for meta tags.

Meta tags are the words that tell the search engine spiders what content you have on your site. The spiders then relay that data back to the mainframes where it’s processes and used to give great search results to Internet browsers.

Your website hosting company should provide a way for you to manipulate your Meta tags so you can optimize SEO.

If you can’t figure out how to use it or do it, you should hire a web designer or marketing firm to handle it for you.

Meta tags are related to your website content, and they explain what the content is. Meta tags need to be connected to headers, footers, images, pages, content bodies and more.

The more descriptive you can be with your meta tags, and the more you use on your site, the better spiders will be able to understand the purpose of your site, and the products and services you offer.


Transcreation refers to making your website content available to readers of other languages without sacrificing the spirit of what your website content says.

Even though search engines like Google offer a “translate this” button when it detects a foreign language, the translation is often jumbled and confusing, with nonsense sentences and words.

Transcreation of your site allows it to be found by search engines in other countries. This is important because your website content may be relevant to the needs of Internet users in other countries. But without transcreation, your site won’t come up on their page results.

As the following article, “9 ways transcreation can improve your SEO” notes, this is an integral part of the SEO process.


Keywords are the terms that Internet users enter in the search boxes of their favorite web browsers. Keywords are the words that they think of when they are looking for information about something.

For example, if a person is looking for information about the cast of the television show Downton Abbey, they may enter words like “Masterpiece, Lady Mary, Downton Abbey cast,” etc. If you want them to find your PBS entertainment website when they conduct such a search, you need to use the keywords you think they’ll use.

You should integrate those keywords into your website content. You might have an article entitled, “Lady Mary and the cast of Downton Abbey.”

Or you could have an article that covers all the cast of Downton Abbey, and make sure you use the keywords, cast, Downton Abbey, Lady Mary and Masterpiece.

Those keywords will help improve your SEO and ensure that your site is one of the first that comes up in any search for the cast of Downton Abbey.

SEO is all about getting noticed on the Internet.

If you don’t have time to make sure your site is primed for SEO, invest in a marketing firm that can take care of it for you.


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