Recapping the NEDMA Annual Conference

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Recapping the NEDMA Annual Conference

NEDMASeveral members of our team recently had the opportunity to attend this year’s New England Direct Marketing Association (NEDMA) Annual Conference at Bentley University. NEDMA did a terrific job as usual putting on a great conference packed full of educational content, engaging speakers, and enthusiastic exhibitors. It was also great to be able to network with so many other marketing professionals, both familiar and new faces!

At this year’s conference, I was joined by John Foley, Jr., Karen DeWolfe, Donna Vieira, Corey Hanlon, and Trevor Foley to represent the Grow Socially team. John, Grow Socially’s CEO/CMO, delivered this year’s keynote, “Once Upon a Time: Using an Ancient Skill to Find Success in a Modern World.” His keynote was informative and certainly well-received as several attendees came up to us throughout the remainder of the conference telling us how much they enjoyed his engaging presentation.

John, Karen, and Donna led the Grow Socially booth, showing attendees the many benefits of having the right marketing services and software in place. John also had a free book signing for attendees at the booth, featuring his industry appraised book, Untethered Marketing: The Role of the Cloud and Mobile Communications. Several members of our team also had the opportunity to attend some of the sessions that were available to choose from at the event. There was a great variety in the sessions provided and we all came back learning new strategies to incorporate into our current marketing efforts.

The Grow Socially team was thrilled to be a part of the NEDMA Annual Conference once again. While we could fill pages with information we took away from the event, I thought it would be more fun for our team to quickly share their favorite part of the conference (aside from the keynote – we figured we’re a little biased). Read on to see the Grow Socially team’s favorite moments from the show.

John: So I was told by my team that I can’t use my keynote as my favorite part of this year’s conference (although I do want to mention I was honored to be this year’s speaker and I did thoroughly enjoy presenting for everyone), so I wanted to take a minute to thank everyone who came to my book signing. My passion is truly helping people become as successful as they can be, and I wrote these books in support of that passion. It was really fantastic to meet everyone who came by the booth. I hope Untethered Marketing is useful in assisting your organization with the transition of technological changes in mobile and communication. P.S., if you couldn’t make the book signing at the event, but would still like a signed copy, shoot me an email at!

Karen: Hmm, my favorite part of NEDMA 15?  That’s a tough one… I am going to say that my favorite part this year has to be the sessions I was able to attend. The keynotes were fantastic and packed with good information. I also LOVED Nancy Harhut’s session about science secrets that drive digital behavior. I kept relating what she was saying back to my own buying and shopping habits. I never really thought about how many purchasing decisions I made based on my subconscious, so that was an awesome topic to learn about!

Donna: At just about every show, I always love networking and meeting the new attendees. NEDMA is particularly interesting to me because it’s right in our backyard (Massachusetts). There are so many great people in this industry and connecting with them, telling them about our services, and learning more about how their companies operate is definitely one of my favorite parts of attending the show. I already can’t wait to attend NEDMA 16!

Kim: My favorite part of the NEDMA Annual Conference was attending Louis Gudema’s session, “7 Digital Marketing Programs Every Company Should Use to Generate More Leads.” As someone who is extremely passionate about lead generation and continually improving marketing campaigns, I thought Louis’s session provided great insight into how to increase leads through these digital marketing programs. Some programs were familiar to me, whereas others were not, and he did a fantastic job balancing basic descriptions and actual applications of strategies during his session. I came out of this session intrigued, in particular, by remarketing, and it is definitely something that I will take back and look into utilizing for my own marketing strategy.

Corey: At the NEDMA Annual Conference, I learned a great deal from Bob Cargill and Amanda Fakhreddine on how to humanize your corporate brand on social media. Different channels present different opportunities for you to “show off” your team, and you need to take advantage of these to show your clients that you’re people, too. Bob and Amanda expressed the need to have fun with your social channels. As they said, if you’re having a company BBQ, take some pictures and share them! Use your social channels to deliver relevant content, but don’t use intimidating language. Speak in the first person and don’t be afraid to write the way you would talk. Talk with your audience, not at them.

Trevor: Justine Jordan and Lauren Smith’s “Building and Engaging Online Communities with Social Content and Twitter” was very useful for beginner and even experienced Twitter users. Lauren Smith gave us some great tips on humanizing your Twitter account. Many people are so business-oriented on social media that they forget to put in a personal touch. Twitter is all about engaging and building relationships and less about selling. We learned how to get more followers and also how to develop an ongoing relationship to keep those followers.

We hope you enjoyed reading about the Grow Socially team’s highlights from the NEDMA Annual Conference. Did you attend the event? We’d love to hear what your favorite part of the conference was in the comments below!

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