Pokémon GO: Perspective of an Uninterested Millennial

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Pokémon GO: Perspective of an Uninterested Millennial

Pokémon is back, there is a Clinton running for office, Tarzan is in theaters, and Blink-182 has a hit song… did I miss something or are we back in the year 2000? As a Millennial, I should be thrilled right?

Simple answer, no.

Pokemon_GoNow, I must say part of me is intrigued, or at least enjoys watching everyone go crazy across the internet. As a kid I was a big Pokémon fan and will even admit that at one time I had Pikachu pajamas. And there is something to be said about a game that in the span of a few days can surpass Twitter for the amount of active daily users. As a social media guy I find that fact extremely fascinating. Yet, still not thrilled.

You would think that an augmented reality video game that actually makes people go outside and run around would be good and healthy. There are even people making new friends and meeting new people because they are all trying to “catch Pokémon.” It is also funny to see people’s screenshots of Pokémon next to their pets or in locations around their own house. For many Millennials, it represents extreme nostalgia. Yet, still not thrilled.

However, in the spirit of the latest digital craze and as a Millennial myself, I downloaded the game. I had an open mind and was ready to be fully grasped by the hype. After walking around the parking lot outside my office and getting laughed at by the workers outside gardening, I still do not understand the hype. I have caught multiple Pokémon and attempted to figure out the ins and outs of the game. Yet, still not thrilled.

Am I the only Millennial not letting my nostalgia run wild with this game? I decided to ask around the office. Between Millennials, Baby Boomers and Gen Xs, there were mixed results. One younger Millennial seemed to be hooked and currently working on “taking over their own gym.” While other Millennials had zero interest in the “Pokémon world.” Then, as a Baby Boomer, our own CEO downloaded the game and says he “loves the augmented reality part of it.” With the few Gen X and Gen Y colleagues scattered through the office, there was really no sign of interest toward Pokémon GO at all.

So, is this game really worth all the hype? Or, by the end of the month will it be just another short-lived craze? I’ll let you decide. But, as for me – still not thrilled.

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