Marketing and PR: A Winning Combination

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Marketing and PR: A Winning Combination

In just a couple of weeks, the NHL and NBA will crown a champion in their sport, showing us the true meaning of a team that came together at the right time to achieve the highest level of success. A team championship is the best example of a group of individuals with different roles working towards the same end result.

Within your organization, there are many departments and individuals with different responsibilities all working towards the same goal as well. Two of those departments are Marketing and PR. Although separate departments, many of their goals are the same and it’s crucial to understand why it’s important for them to work together.

ConsultingWhat does Marketing do well? They understand the target audience for an organization and develop content to be shared with that audience.

What does PR do well? They build relationships with media outlets, customers, both existing and potential, and protect the organization and transmit positive stories and content to the organization’s audience.

Much like a point guard and a center in basketball or a center and a wing in hockey, Marketing and PR departments work best when playing off one another.

Developing a joint Marketing and PR calendar is a great strategy to promote synergy and help both departments achieve the organizational goal. With members of each department contributing to the calendar, everyone can see upcoming initiatives and events and see what is expected to execute and be successful as a team.

It’s tough to score a goal without an assist or win a championship without teamwork. If these two departments align and combine what they do well, then your organization can achieve the highest level of success in your field, too.

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