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Make It Your Business to Be Developed with Mobile Apps

According to Nielsen’s Digital Consumer Report, about 65 percent of Americans owned a smartphone in 2013, a 44-percent increase from 2011.

As the number of mobile users continues to rise, more and more businesses are developing mobile apps to boost visibility and customer engagement.

By creating your own mobile app, you can generate more interest in your brand, develop closer relationships with your customers and gain valuable information that can help you improve your business.

Here is a look at how mobile apps can take customer engagement to a whole new level.

Why You Should Start a Mobile App

mobile-phone-with-colorful-application-icons-100148285In today’s fast-paced world, consumers want to be able to gain access to information about brands and products anytime, anywhere.

Many of them use their mobile devices to interact with businesses and purchase products and services, and they are generally more interested in brands that have an appealing mobile presence.

A mobile app enables you to engage your customers more easily and effectively, because it works round-the-clock to promote your business for you. It makes your business available at all times, allowing you to offer product information, sales notifications, reward programs and more to on-the-go customers.

According to an article entitled “Customer Engagement and App Development“, a mobile app makes customers talk to brands instead of the other way round.

It can significantly reduce the time and effort you need to spend on customer engagement.

How to Use Mobile Apps to Improve Customer Engagement

Sync Your App with Social Media

By syncing your mobile app with social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, you will be able to reach out to a wider pool of potential customers. Both social media and mobile are excellent mediums for personal interactions, and they can help you achieve higher conversion rates and improve customer loyalty. If you have a strong social media presence, your customers will spread the word about your business by sharing content and encourage other people to download your app.

Share Localized Content

Another benefit of having a mobile app is that it enables you to promote your business through push notifications and geo-fencing. When your customers are offered localized content that is based on their interests, they will know that you are committed to meeting their individual needs and preferences. This can result in a significant increase in sales.

Offer Free Trials, Giveaways and Contests

Using your mobile app to offer free trials, giveaways, discounts, rewards and contests is a great way to encourage your target consumers to download your app. It can help you attract and engage consumers, boost sales and retain loyal customers.

Examples of Companies with Successful Mobile Apps

Launched in 2008, Kraft’s iFood Assistant offers more than 2,000 recipes, as well as shopping lists, interactive deals and coupons to attract shoppers. About 60 percent of people who downloaded this app are still using it.

The app features social media capabilities and a CRM platform to increase engagement opportunities.

Other companies with great mobile apps include Starbucks, CVS Pharmaceuticals, 7-Eleven, North Face, Ikea, Nike and Ford.

An increasing number of companies are creating mobile apps to boost their marketing and customer engagement efforts.

You need to do the same in order to stay abreast of your competitors.

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