LinkedIn Removes Products and Services in Favor of Showcase Pages

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LinkedIn Removes Products and Services in Favor of Showcase Pages

There’s a big change coming to LinkedIn. On April 14th, the Products and Services tab will be no more, replaced by LinkedIn’s brand new Showcase Pages feature. A Showcase Page is a bit like a Company Page that focuses on one specific division, aspect, or set of products that you offer. It’s a big change, but it’s also an exciting new development that will help you give your followers more of what they want and less of what they don’t, which is good news all around.

LinkedIn announced the change recently as part of their drive to provide as “simple and efficient” of an experience as possible for their members. Your Products and Services tab will no longer appear on your Company Page, but users will be able to browse and follow your Showcase Pages individually.

How the New Showcase Pages Can Help Your Business

Right now, followers on LinkedIn can see all of your posts and updates. Even if you use the post targeting feature, they’ll still see every update on your Company Page. The problem? Not every follower wants to know about every product and service you offer. Some will stick around because the relevant content is worth sifting through your other updates for. But others will unfollow you. You’ve lost their attention and potential sales. Replacing the Products and Services tab with Showcase Pages helps reduce that risk, giving you a way to give your followers the updates they really want to hear.

Your followers can choose which Showcase Pages they subscribe to, meaning they choose to get the content from your company that is most interesting to them. Showcase Pages give you the chance to make the most of different buyer personas for a much more targeted set of updates. Showcase Pages feature the same metrics that LinkedIn currently offers, so you can check in and see how your pages are performing and how to maximize their success.

Create a Showcase Page in Minutes

Creating a Showcase Page is as easy as 1-2-3:

1. Click the down arrow next to the blue “Edit” button on your Company Page, and select “Create A Showcase Page.”
2. Add in an administrator and page name and click “Create.”
3. Get your page looking shipshape and click “Publish.”

Showcase Pages are free. You can create up to ten, and LinkedIn has already stated that companies who need more can contact them about building extra pages.

Showcase Pages are an exciting development for LinkedIn users. Creating and maintaining individual Showcase Pages might take a bit of getting used to, but the ability to better target your content for your followers is worth it.

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