How To: Use Snapchat for Marketing

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How To: Use Snapchat for Marketing

Snapchat1Since Snapchat was released in 2011, the app has advanced from being primarily targeted towards teenagers, to making its way into the business world. Marketers have taken advantage of the app and created new ways to market certain products and services to their audience. Because there is a time limit on both photos and videos, they have had to come up with strategic plans on how to capture attention in such a short amount of time, making every second worth a potential buyer or client’s time.

The first thing marketers have to keep in mind when using the app is embracing the short time that allotted. This feature is great when promoting new products or services, especially since you don’t want to give away every bit of information, allowing this to act as a broadcasting teaser. In addition, you want to keep your audience in mind. This app has always been one to encourage off-the-cuff communication with the help of photos and videos, so when marketing to your audience, you want to try and be as casual as possible in your message. You don’t want to be using business terms at all times because of the limited amount of characters given in each “snap,” and how quickly you need to relay the message. By incorporating drawings or creative aspects to each snap, your audience will be more intrigued.

Snapchat2With 400 million snaps being sent daily, utilizing both the photo and the video aspects are necessary. While it’s great for someone to look at a picture, it’s even better for someone to watch a video. By watching a video, they are able to grasp a better understanding of whatever the video is trying to show or promote, and are able to enjoy it more. Marketers are able to verbalize the message they are trying to convey, while providing even more content. It’s important to remember that Snapchat isn’t supposed to be a professional network; it needs to be creative and relatable.

Here are some creative ways to incorporate Snapchat into your next marketing campaign:

  1. Take people behind the scenes. With the newer feature of “stories” being added to the app, you can send out photos and videos, taking your audience behind the scenes of your business, meetings, or events, and having each story last for up to 24 hours. In the first picture featured above, a congressman in Wisconsin used Snapchat to show his office and staff.
  2. Preview and promote a new product or service. You can let your audience know about new products or services you are working on through snapchat, letting it act as a promotional teaser. To the right, you can see that Taco Bell used snapchat to promote a new item that they added to their menu, giving their customers something to look forward to.
  3. Tell customers about events that you are hosting or attending. Do you have an upcoming event? Let your clients/audience know through a photo or video. Let them know when the event is and then take them behind the scenes of the preparation for the event and show them around the actual event.

Overall, Snapchat is an excellent tool for marketing, if used correctly. By following these tips, you are utilizing the different features of Snapchat, while doing so appropriately for the business community.

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