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Don’t Break up with Social Media

As all too many individuals have discovered over time, legal troubles can find their way to one sooner rather than later.

When that happens, having the right lawyer standing behind you can mean the difference between winning your case and coming out on the short end.

That said finding the best legal representation cEntrepreneur Hand Touch The Logo Of Facebook Sitean at times prove difficult, especially if you’ve never had a need for lawyers in the past.

So, what role can social media and the Internet in general help you in stating your legal case to the courts?

Linked to Social Networking

With an increasing number of lawyers turning to social media to promote their services to the public, it behooves you to find and follow those that would be of most service to you.

For starters, review a number of the LinkedIn profiles of legal professionals.

More lawyers have discovered in recent years that LinkedIn can be quite beneficial to their practices, meaning lots of attention and even good networking opportunities.

By perusing LinkedIn, you can learn about the educational background of a particular lawyer you may be interested in, how long he or she has been with the bar, what their specialty areas are, and if they typically represent their clients in the courtroom or send a member of their legal team to do so.

For the lawyers turning to LinkedIn to promote their careers, use the site to search not only for potential business, but to also network with others in the legal field. Doing the latter allows you to build up more contacts, something that can prove quite beneficial to you down the road.

Another site that potential clients should visit is Facebook.

Still the world’s top social media venue, lawyers are known to be active on this site too, be it legal pros representing businesses in dispute, Houston divorce attorneys, lawyers involved in settling class action lawsuits etc.

For those lawyers using Facebook to drum up more business, use the page to not only profile your legal background, but also that of your staff.

Without going too heavy on the self-promotion, your Facebook page can include links to stories in the legal field of interest to current or potential clients, surveys of what clients most want out of their legal representation, and examples of cases that you have won over the years.

Lastly, Twitter can prove another beneficial social network to get the word out there about you and your legal team.

Since Twitter only allows 140 characters in each of its tweets, be sure to maximize your message, making sure you get the most out of each post.

Twitter is a great social venue to retweet of course, so take full advantage of that.

Send out links to any worthwhile information from the legal field, including trends in areas such as divorces, family battles over inheritance, business disputes between partners etc. These are all areas that individuals oftentimes end up going to court over, so they should prove worthwhile to the public.

Take Feedback Carefully

When perusing legal social pages, be careful not to read too much into comments from the general public.

Always remember that there are two sides to every story, so you in many cases may only be getting the side of the client, perhaps a client that fell short in the courtroom. In those cases, they may take to a Facebook or Twitter page to rant about how bad they felt their legal representation was. In turn, it may not have been the lawyer representing the client, but the client themselves that lost the verdict.

You should also check to see if lawyers respond to feedback they get from the public on their social sites.

Such feedback can give you a better look into the customer service inklings of a lawyer, seeing how he or she responds to those they are or have represented.

With all social media has to offer both consumers and the business community, it is in the favor of consumers to turn to it as much as possible.

In doing so, they can get a better idea of which individuals they feel will best represent them in their time of need.

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