The New Facebook Rules for Businesses: Pay, or Vanish?

Recently, Facebook announced that in January 2015 they will be making some major updates to the News Feed that can seriously hinder the reach of many businesses on the number one social network.

Will the new Facebook rules affect your business?

If your organization is posting unpaid promotional status updates to […]

4 Social Media Opportunities for Small Businesses

Social media is taking the world by storm, and if your small business hasn’t gotten in on the trend, you could be left in the dust. Social media isn’t just for selfies and rants. There is a legitimate marketing opportunity here that can help grow your customer base – […]

Create a QR Code for the Facebook “Like” Button in Two Simple Steps

Over the past several years, Facebook has become one of the main sources for interaction for both personal and business relationships. It’s unique in that it allows us to interact with our friends, family, colleagues, and even our favorite companies and brands. It has quickly gained a top spot […]