Snaps, Stories, and the 24-Hour Countdown: How PR Can Capitalize on Snapchat

Marketing pros and public relations gurus, ask yourself this: What is the value of having a target audience watch your well-designed ad campaign? Keep in mind that the audience has chosen to watch your ad, and is well educated on its almost instantaneous self-destruction. The audience (read: buyers) knows that

Pokémon GO: Perspective of an Uninterested Millennial

Pokémon is back, there is a Clinton running for office, Tarzan is in theaters, and Blink-182 has a hit song... did I miss something or are we back in the year 2000? As a Millennial, I should be thrilled right? Simple answer, no. Now, I must say part of me

As Smartphone Use Grows, Market to the Mobile Crowd

People are tethered to their mobile devices, and communicating with them via mobile media is essential to your company’s growth. You're losing out on a massive opportunity if you avoid developing a firm strategy to cultivate mobile-specific customers. Mobile technology and programs to share content on mobile devices have evolved

Create a QR Code for the Facebook “Like” Button in Two Simple Steps

Over the past several years, Facebook has become one of the main sources for interaction for both personal and business relationships. It’s unique in that it allows us to interact with our friends, family, colleagues, and even our favorite companies and brands. It has quickly gained a top spot as