Snaps, Stories, and the 24-Hour Countdown: How PR Can Capitalize on Snapchat

Marketing pros and public relations gurus, ask yourself this: What is the value of having a target audience watch your well-designed ad campaign? Keep in mind that the audience has chosen to watch your ad, and is well educated on its almost instantaneous self-destruction. The audience (read: buyers) knows that

Pokémon GO: Perspective of an Uninterested Millennial

Pokémon is back, there is a Clinton running for office, Tarzan is in theaters, and Blink-182 has a hit song... did I miss something or are we back in the year 2000? As a Millennial, I should be thrilled right? Simple answer, no. Now, I must say part of me

How Technology Can Transform Customer Service Into Customer Care

If you are still using the term "customer service," then have someone roll up a newspaper and slap you on the nose every time you use it. Relationship marketing theory is about forming bonds with customers and caring for their needs - thus, customer care. Using this theoretical framework, what

5 Tips to Help with Social Media Posting During Live Events

You have worked really hard on an upcoming event, and to share it with as many people as possible, you want to give live streaming a try. Maybe you have seen the tweets and notifications from other business owners and marketers about their events, or you want to include as

Not All Generations Are the Same: How to Customize Marketing Per Generation

Generations are not a one-size-fits-all experience and people born within a certain time frame experience things differently. Nevertheless, each generation's mindset has been influenced by its social environment, in which individuals develop values that frequently shape their purchasing behavior. Since each generation is disconnected by particular preferences, priorities, and perspectives,