Don’t Break up with Social Media

As all too many individuals have discovered over time, legal troubles can find their way to one sooner rather than later.

When that happens, having the right lawyer standing behind you can mean the difference between winning your case and coming out on the short end.

That said finding the best […]

Time Won’t Stop Them: 7 Brands With Longevity

Every company has a starting point. In the far future, we may be looking at Facebook and discussing its evolution over the years. When businesses rebrand, rebuild and reestablish, they have the ability to hold huge market shares for decades or even centuries.


This eyewear icon dates back to the […]

How Social Should Small Business Owners Become?

In the world of small business owners, reaching out to as many consumers as possible is not only smart, it oftentimes proves a necessity.

Unlike larger companies who oftentimes have a marketing and social outreach machine in place, the smaller businesses are not so fortunate. While that does not mean […]

How Simplifying Your Marketing Message Scores New Customers

According to CEB, a best practice insight and technology company, 85 percent of consumers are more likely to purchase brands that simplify decision making and 115 percent of those brands are more likely to be recommended. CEB also found decision simplicity is the No. 1 reason why consumers are […]

Social Networking Has Global Appeal for Your Business

With the growth in worldwide business, many companies need to think about not only doing business in the United States, but also in different parts of the globe.

As 2016 is off and rolling, what is your business planning to do over the next 12 months to get yourself positioned […]

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