How to Find Your Customers on Social Media

MagnifyFacebook and Twitter are all the rage for a reason, but there are other, lesser-known platforms where the noise isn’t so loud and your ability to prospect for leads is enhanced. Follow these three steps to take advantage of your best […]

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Socializing the Loan Process

Promoting one’s business really doesn’t have to be a challenge. In fact, it can be done rather easily and without a ton of money being spent in the process. How you ask?

With 2015 about to hit, how invested are you planning to be when it comes to promoting your […]

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Technology and Social Media Working as One

Social media has emerged into a viable marketing source for many businesses, including those that focus on technology.

In fact, it has become a popular way for many tech giants to introduce and promote their products to loyal customers and potential consumers as the two industries have come together.


According to […]

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Getting Social Over Big Data

If big data is the superhero, then social media is definitely it’s trusty sidekick.

That’s right, if your big data business is missing out on social media, then it’s not using the digitally socialized world to its advantage.

With socially savvy big data in mind, here are just a few ways […]

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Wedding Bells and Social Media

Where is the first place that more people are announcing their engagement today? If you said social media, congratulations. You picked the right answer.

Many people post their news within hours of the initial engagement and some even announce it before telling their loved ones.

Since social media also happens to […]

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