Engage Visitors and Drive Traffic By Using Stock Photos

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A lack of images on your website can cripple your website traffic. According to MDG Advertising, blog posts with images draw 94 percent more traffic than posts without pictures to accompany them. Many […]

LinkedIn Removes Products and Services in Favor of Showcase Pages

There’s a big change coming to LinkedIn. On April 14th, the Products and Services tab will be no more, replaced by LinkedIn’s brand new Showcase Pages feature. A Showcase Page is a bit like a Company Page that focuses on one specific division, aspect, or set of products that […]

Keeping Your Content Fresh

Content marketing isn’t a onetime event. From blogs to social media to eNewsletters, coming up with new content is a challenge for any business. The aim of the game is to avoid becoming the boring relative that tells the same story at every get together – your customers will […]

Should We Hire Someone to Do Our Social Media?

It’s a day and age where you can just about hire anyone to do anything at work or home. So do you?

When is it the right time to hire someone to direct your company’s social media and when is the right time to handle it yourself? And maybe you’ve […]

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What is Content Curation and Can it Work For You?

What does a museum have to do with content marketing? It’s not a trick question – the answer is curation. A museum curator lovingly gathers the most interesting artifacts and displays them with printed commentary or those snazzy in-ear audio guides. You can apply a similar technique to content, […]