Social Media Marketing Trends for Holiday 2014

For most consumers, the holiday shopping season kicks off the day after Thanksgiving—but small business owners can’t afford to wait that long to develop their social media strategy for the holidays. If you want to use social media to drive engagement and increase sales this season, take a look […]

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Going Social over Big Data

Stories and information about big data are everywhere in the media.

Advocates are singing its praises and promoting its benefits to small businesses everywhere. One of the biggest proponents of big data is social media. Nowhere else can as much information about so many people be accumulated and used in […]

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Social Media Makes the Grade with Student Safety

Social media is a popular pastime for college students on campuses all across the nation.

Because of its massive collegiate following, social media sites are also the perfect way to inform college students about safety both on and off campus.

With social safety in mind, here are a number of ways […]

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5 Ways Tablets Are Changing the Way People Do Business

TabletBusinesses are using tablets in innovative ways to connect people, provide better services, and improve productivity. They can cut down on paperwork, provide instant access to technical information, create more interactive services and experiences for customers, and put the power […]

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Socialize Your Invention Buying Needs

If you have a state-of-the-art invention that’s ready for the public, but you’re having trouble getting it out on the market, social media can help.

Going social with your creation is a great way to show-off your amazing invention to a massive audience while also attracting interested buyers.

When you’re ready […]

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