Social Media Impacting the Adoption Choice

Social media doesn’t just connect people to friends and family; it’s had a major impact on many worldwide issues – there’s hardly a topic in today’s world that it hasn’t touched.

Adoption is one thing that social media has had its hand in.

Whether you are on the side looking to […]

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Webinar Announcement: Social Media 101: What Publishers Need to Know

I’m excited to announce that on Tuesday, September 23rd at 2PM EST, I will be hosting a free webinar with The Sheridan Group, entitled Social Media 101: What Publishers Need to Know. In this webinar, I will discuss the pros and cons of the major social networks, and get […]

Why Social Media is an Insurance Hotbed

From a single employee to a multinational corporation, health insurance will always be a hot topic.

Whether looking for the best plan for you or for your employees, or finding out how to get the best coverage while still getting a great deal, health insurance matters.

Luckily social media is making […]

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Are You Marketing with Social Media?

Your business needs to be on social media. Instead of traditional marketing methods like TV and radio ads, print ads and direct mail advertising, social media marketing promotes your products and services through blogging, posting, tweeting, and video. And it is very cost effective.

Social Media has Evolved

Don’t Be Scared of Social Media

Social media is a great way to stay connected to a massive online community and the horror industry is taking advantage of social networking in some very effective ways.

Whether it’s creating buzz around a new slasher flick or keeping fans updated on all-things Halloween, social media and the horror […]

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