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Getting Fit with Social Media

It seems every industry is utilizing social media to increase awareness, grow a customer base or get consumers more involved. The fitness industry is no exception. Companies in every aspect of the business have adopted social media in its marketing campaign. Here are a few that really get it right….

Mobile Marketing and Social Media Changing the Workplace

Office employees are no longer tethered to their desks in a 9 to 5 communication black hole and it's all thanks to mobile technology and social media. With mobile marketing and social campaigning, workplaces all across the country are improving their customer outreach and their inner-office practices. Here are just

Grow Your Marketing ROI in 2015

The success of your marketing campaigns is not only measured by the number of consumers you are able to reach and engage. What matters most is their effectiveness in driving sales and generating revenue. Marketing can boost your profits significantly if it is done right, but it can put a

Videos and Your Non-Profit

If you're trying to find an exciting and engaging way to promote your non-profit, then video might just be the answer. Video is the perfect way to put your cause in the spotlight while also giving you the opportunity to explain exactly how your non-profit works. With moving image promotions

Invest in Social Media for Budgeting Tips

No matter where you are in life financially, a little friendly budgeting advice never hurts. It just so happens that social media is the perfect resource for keeping a balanced budget and maintaining a healthy financial lifestyle. When it comes to budgetary insights, here are just a few ways social