5 Quick and Easy Search Engine Optimization Tips

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5 Quick and Easy Search Engine Optimization Tips

Competition on the Internet is fierce, so it is extremely difficult for businesses to stand out. Smart search engine optimization (SEO) strategies can get your site indexed by search engines so people will have an easier time finding you. If you don’t want your site to be among the billions that fade into the cyber-abyss, use these simple search engine optimization tips to help.

Search Engine OptimizationUse meta descriptions in each post. A meta description takes only minutes to write. It will improve SEO and give readers a sample of what your topic is about. Keep the description short and sweet – one or two concise sentences that consist of no more than 170 characters.

Put the main keyword in the title. This is an important, but often overlooked way to improve search engine optimization on your site. Don’t just slap a title together, as it needs to make sense. For the most effective results, opt for niche phrases that have low competition.

Use keywords naturally in the post. If you have a standard 300 to 500 word blog post, use the keyword three to five times in the body of the text. Don’t overdo it though. Keyword stuffing will get your site booted down in rankings. While keywords are important, it’s imperative that you focus more on writing for your readers. If you give them information that’s valuable, they will come back for more.

Link to relevant posts. Search engines like solid (not overdone) internal linking structures. Linking to older posts on your blog every once in a while can help improve search engine optimization and keep readers searching your site longer.

Name your images and videos. If you are using images with your posts, use keywords in the title and alt tags. Also, if you are posting videos, use niche phrases to name them.

If drawing customers to your site is important, adding meta descriptions, linking to older posts, naming your videos and images, and putting keywords in the title and body of your posts will improve search rankings and make your site easier to find.

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