3 Reasons Social Media is a Must for Your Brand

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3 Reasons Social Media is a Must for Your Brand

Stop for a moment and take a look at your brand.

Is it doing as well as it could be these days? Are you getting the maximum amount of exposure out of things such as your marketing efforts, your blog, even your social networking initiatives? For many business owners, they’re likely going to answer those questions by saying they either don’t know or they are in fact not doing as well as they could be. With that in mind, what role is social media playing in your business world? Sure, you may think that social media can only get you and your brand so far, but in truth, the potential is infinite. When you have a strong social media game-plan in play, you have unlimited potential to tap into so much more business.

That said is social media truly a must for your brand?

Where to Start with a Social Initiative?

For you to fully take advantage of social media, sit down and figure out where it can best help you in promoting your brand. Here are some ways it can do just that:

1. Guest Posting

If you have not been guest posting up to this point and time, you are clearly missing out on a great means with which to put your brand in front of countless eyes. For instance, successful guest posting can open your business world to both B2B and B2C sales opportunities, opportunities that could very well boost your revenue in no time at all. In the event you are struggling with how to effectively guest post, remember these pointers:

  • Make a fantastic pitch email to each and every site you’d like to guest post on.
  • Don’t make it all about you and your brand initially. The worst thing you can do is demand a link or links back to your site in your first guest post.
  • Be sure to give the publisher’s site you are looking to post on incentive to work with you.
  • Make sure any and all guest posts you have go live are well promoted on various social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and others).

The benefits of guest posting are numerous, so don’t shy away from something that can deliver you more customers and ultimately more revenue.

2. Consumer engagement

One of the great results of being socially active will be opportunities to engage with consumers. For instance, if you have an Instagram site, posting pictures of the products and/or services you offer allows consumers to see them first-hand before possibly even setting foot in your store or stores. There is also the ability to talk directly to consumers 24/7 when you are active on social media, something you can’t get with your physical store or stores (unless of course they are open non-stop). Last but not least, social media gives you the opportunity to nip a problem in the bud, a problem that can lead to future lost sales. If a consumer takes issue with your brand, he or she in today’s social media age is much more apt to post about it on any number of social sites. As such, that kind of post can spread like wildfire. In turn, you can address it as soon as you locate the post, giving you the opportunity to prevent it from having a negative snowball impact on your business.

3. Why not?

Finally, as a business owner, why wouldn’t you want to be active on various social media sites?

Yes, being a business owner means you wear countless hats, hats that at times seem too many to handle. That said you’d be nothing short of foolish not to put social media to work for your brand. Given many of your direct competitors are actively going after (and engaging with) consumers, you can’t afford to stand by and watch helplessly. Do your best to capture your share of the social media audience, an audience that could provide you with multiple benefits for years to come. As a business owner and/or marketing exec, how are you using social media to promote your brand?


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