Content marketing isn’t a onetime event. From blogs to social media to eNewsletters, coming up with new content is a challenge for any business. The aim of the game is to avoid becoming the boring relative that tells the same story at every get together – your customers will get bored and unfollow you. Every new piece of content needs to have something that makes it readable and shareable. It’s a tall order, so what can you do to keep your content fresh? Here are seven ideas you can use today to inject new life into your content.

  1. Content_CircleChange it up – if you normally post graphics, write a text update. If your blog is all text, add a video. Just remember to keep it consistent with your usual tone.
  2. Hoard inspiration – have a great idea for a blog post? See a topical news piece you can’t wait to weigh in on? Use a file, notebook, or a social bookmarking tool to keep track of ideas and topics.
  3. Crowdsource it – spend some time on social media networks and see what your customers and others in your industry are talking about. Look for topics you can craft content around.
  4. Start a conversation – not sure what to say? Ask your followers a question – you’ll be getting useful feedback while keeping their attention.
  5. Look outside your niche – what’s happening in the world? Is there a holiday or sporting event on the horizon? Think of some relevant content that will still be useful to your followers.
  6. Tell a story – customers do business with people not brands. Tell a story about your business, talk about the history of a product. Offer something that tells your audience who you are.
  7. Start a theme – instigate new recipe Tuesdays, over to you Wednesdays, or weekly roundup Fridays. Pick a theme that suits your business, announce it, and encourage feedback.

Creating new content and keeping it lively and interesting is no small task. Help yourself by having a content creation calendar to work to. Put yourself in your customer’s place and create content that you would love if you were following your company.

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