It’s a day and age where you can just about hire anyone to do anything at work or home. So do you?

When is it the right time to hire someone to direct your company’s social media and when is the right time to handle it yourself? And maybe you’ve decided to hire someone, but you’re not sure if you want to go the traditional route of a marketing firm, go with a boutique agency or hire an individual to come on board with you full time.

If you are trying to figure this out for your company, look at some of the reasoning here, and maybe this will help you decide:


Traditional agency:


  • Big and experienced – These companies usually have lots of marketing experience and because they are larger, you can choose a good fit for you within the company.
  • Existing relationships – If your company already has a relationship with an agency, it may the one to use.
  • Have a variety of concepts to choose from – They probably have a selection of marketing strategies to work with and can possibly tailor to your needs.



  • Can be too big – With the larger size of traditional agencies, they can be too big and your company can get lost.
  • Possibly not as innovative and up to speed – Often, these agencies specialize in other forms of media besides the social venues, like print. If you’re looking for social media marketing, they may not have what you want, or it may not be as innovative as you’re looking for.


Boutique Agency


  • Specialize in social media – This is what they do. Social media marketing is usually their specialty and you’ll get what you want.
  • Newer and more innovative – Again, because this is their specialty, boutique agencies are at the top of their game, with more flexibility and market knowledge to better give you exactly what you need and want.



  • You forego control – As with outsourcing anything, you forego some control. You may be surprised to see how they are handling your business’s social media, pleasantly or unpleasantly.
  • Removed from your internal business – Again, as with any outsource, they are not with you day to day to see your internal workings; they’re a bit removed.


Hiring a full-time employee


  • You have control – If you hire someone to handle your social media, you can lay the groundwork and monitor the day to day updates and interactions. You keep control.
  • You choose the individual that fits your business – You can also hire a specific individual instead of a company. You can find just the right person who fits the climate of your company.
  • Internal knowledge of the business – Because they are part of your business, they will have internal knowledge of your company and keep your social media updated continually with on the spot reactions and updates.



  • Cost of hiring another employee – There may be more cost involved as you have to include benefits, training, possible work space and other miscellaneous costs.


Doing it yourself


  • Cost free – You’re already there, you can do it at no cost.
  • You have complete control – You have control because it’s you doing it.
  • First-hand knowledge – Who else has better knowledge of your company than you? Your posts will be accurate and timely.


  • Takes up valuable time – You could be doing other things that need to get done, and if this takes up too much time, you may not handle as best as you’d like.
  • You may not know the best way to handle social media – Sure, you have some idea of social media, but do you really know the best way to manage it?


Understanding your options when it comes to handling your company’s social media is the first step in getting it done the best way for you.

What is your preferred way to handle social media?


About the Author: Heather Legg is a writer who covers social media and small business topics, as well as how to remove personal information.