2012 has come and gone, here are the Grow Socially team’s favorite stories from the year that was. As 2013 begins, we would like to thank everyone who has visited our blog over the past year, and we hope that we can continue to provide interesting, enjoyable, and entertaining content to you.


From all of us here, we want to wish you a prosperous and successful 2013. Cheers.

The Rolling Stones and Your Website

Reported By Kerri Stinson

Being a web developer, I really liked the way this article creatively used the Rolling Stones to explain how companies should be using their sites to showcase their identity and talents.

I agree that, “Simplicity is powerful. Like the immediately distinguishable riffs and sound of Jagger and company, your site should stand apart from other sites while having faith in tried and true methodology.”

Read more here: http://ilink.me/131e8


Zack Ryder Takes on the Grow Socially Blog

Reported By Trevor Foley

This past September, my coworker Graham Spector was fortunate enough to sit down with WWE superstar Zack Ryder to talk about his usage of social media.

It was a terrific read, and a real honor for us to have on the site.

Read more here: http://ilink.me/131ed


Twitter and Hurricane Sandy

Reported By Kelly O’Halloran

Although it was disheartening to see Twitter be used to spread misinformation during Hurricane Sandy, it was really powerful to see the social network utilized to help victims in the days following the storm.

People used Twitter not only to share their prayers for those affected, but also to provide information on how to donate and volunteer in the relief efforts.

Read more here: http://ilink.me/131e7


Pinterest Breaks Through in 2012

Reported By Donna Vieira

In a world where words were king among the big three (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), a quiet little network that had been around for a while made a big splash in 2012. Pinterest tapped into our craving for visuals and have created a “pinterevolutino” that has simultaneously changed the wedding planning world. It is now one of the most heavily trafficked sites and the 6th largest social network.

Read more here: http://ilink.me/131e9


Mobile is Here to Stay

Reported By Tom Barry

2012 was a huge year for mobile devices. From the release of the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3 to the iPad Mini, mobile saw a massive increase in mainstream news coverage this past year.

Our day-to-day lives have changed tremendously as a result of the evolution of mobile, and this trend will only continue.

Read more here: http://ilink.me/131eb



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