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Include Twitter Handles of Key Employees

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Promote a Hashtag Inside the Press Release

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One way to handle this would be to schedule and organize a chat on a social network, and then promote that in the press release. Below is a screenshot of one company that did this recently:

Example of Press Release with Social Media Chat promotion

Include a Social Media URL in the About Us section

Yes, this is a very minor change. But companies typically place their corporate website URL in the About Us section of their Press Release.

And while I’m certainly not discouraging people from doing this, there is nothing that says companies shouldn’t also try incorporating their Facebook Page URL as well.

Not only can this help to drive traffic, but it also can be a great way to change one’s perception of a traditional brand.

Bonus: Encourage Sharing!

This one is not guaranteed; it really depends on which websites your press release will run on.

But if you can include “social sharing” action buttons and/or links within your content, you’ll be making it that much easier for folks to spread your press release to their connections.

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