So it’s that time of year where everyone’s bank accounts fill up and then empty quicker than you can say Merry Christmas. As the “big deal” shopping days approach and savings is the first thing on consumers minds its important for companies to have unique campaigns that help their company build on that relationship with their consumers. With today’s quickly changing technology and the growth of the mobile consumers I wouldn’t be surprised to see some of the major companies taking advantage of this trend and developing some really awesome Mobile Coupons or Mobile Oriented campaigns.

When you think about it the concept of mobile coupons is genius! Producing a QR code that leads to your stores savings while reaching to a new and developing crowd of consumers can do nothing but help your company compete. You will also be saving money with this type of advertising by posting your QR code to your social media sites, or all over your store where consumers will be searching. Develop a successful mobile marketing approach to this holiday shopping season and you’ll find some really interesting feedback from those bargain holiday shoppers.