Our CEO, John Foley, is proud to announce that his highly-anticipated book, “Business Transformation – A New Path To Profit for the Printing Industry” is officially available for purchase!

His goal for this book was to introduce and explain in-depth how new marketing and communication tools are vastly changing the way businesses promote themselves today.  Foley also brings it all back to how these new marketing strategies can be tied together with traditional marketing tools, such as print.

During his experience of writing the book, Foley had gained a tremendous amount of respect for authors and the publication industry.  John said, “Throughout the entire process of putting together this book, “Business Transformation – A New Path to Profit for the Printing Industry”, I’ve learned quite a bit! Seeing firsthand everything that is required — from the big picture planning to the tiniest details, there is a lot of work, sweat, and hours behind this sort of production.  I certainly have developed a new found respect for authors and editors everywhere! Especially those that seemingly put out a new book each year.”

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